Tuesday, 19 July 2016


We went to visit 3 of our kids.  They live in the big city and it is always a bit of a shock to see the differences.   They all live in a trendy little area full of little shops with "eco-friendly" items and produce shops.  The latter were amazing; full of fresh fruits and veggies at reasonable prices, like nothing I've seen locally here.  We were there for a few days.

We went to the Toby Keith concert.  

We had great seats, under the roof so when it rained, we were sheltered.   When the skies opened up, the people on the lawn got to move to the unused seats, which was nice,although they still got wet.  Eric Pasley opened and this rainbow was the best part of his performance.  Maybe it was too much base or not enough power to the amps, but he was just okay.  His album is decently produced though.

The second performer was Dallas Smith who was awesome.  He totally rocks and just pumped out a great show.  I tried and failed, to get a photo of his ink, not that I'm a fan of tatoos, but his forearms were interesting.  

Toby Keith was pretty much what you would expect and a fun concert!   A bit rushed it seemed, but we later read that there was a 20 minute delay, so he pushed his songs together to get everything in.   He certainly knows how to court the crowd, and doesn't pay lip service to social niceties or political correctness, especially when you see how many references there are to his sponsor throughout the show.

Two of my sons took us for a tour through St. Lawrence Market and then to Allen Garden.  On the way we crossed the street to avoid a fight and almost got hit by the cop car chasing the assailant. Yikes.... not worth the pretty views at the green houses for that nonsense.

But we saw turtles, a whole pile of turtles at that.   We wandered through shops and stopped for lemonade, and finally made it to our last stop, which was Medieval Times for dinner and the show.   So the show was a bit cheesy but really fun.   There were Lippizaners, or at least I'm guessing they were, since they were grey and did a horse ballet show, which was pretty much classical dressage moves.  Albeit a bit sloppy in places, it was enjoyable to watch and it was obvious that the horses are well cared for and in great shape. 

We were in the yellow section so cheered for the yellow knight, who sadly didn't win in the end.   The horses used for the games and jousting were not only beautiful, but well trained and it was a fun show.  Of course there was a dark knight, who was vanquished in the end.  The food was decent.  They catered to the allergies and the vegetarians with ease.  The atmosphere was lovely, theatrical and very well done.  The cheering and booing was lots of fun.  In all it was a great evening.

Despite all the fun and excitement, it was good to get home ;)

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