Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Rug Weaving experiment update

This is rug number one of the rug experiment.   I had one tube of 4/8 cotton to use as the warp and got a 4 1/2 yard warp wound, six epi, aiming forabout a 24 in wide rug.

  I was going to weave 2 rugs, one a bit longer than the other.  I repurposed an old duvet cover for the weft.  The duvet cover was cut into 1 1/2 - 2 inch widths.   I did a continuous cut but after weaving a few rows, I cut it into just long lengths.  Those super long lengths needed extra stitching in one of the spots, which wasn't going to happen.  The shorter lengths, still long enough for 6-7 shots, were more enjoyable to both cut and weave.

 The second rug was to use denim.  I was doing a bit of research into weaving rugs with different weights of fabrics and decided on 3/4 in strips.  I figured I'd need 5 pair for a 36 in rug and more for the longer rug I'd anticipated.   Ack... stripping those jeans into useable fabric was fine, but then cutting it into strips put blisters on my hands until I put band aids on my raw fingers and switched to the rotary cutter.  It was still a pain and after 5 pair of jeans, I stopped.  It was enough to get me a rug, exactly 36 in long.   If I was going to weave with denim regularly, I'd need both a sturdier loom and way more weight on the beater.   It turns out that while I like denim, I'm not such a fan of weaving with it. :)

With barely enough warp left on the loom for a 3rd small rug, I went back to the duvet cover.  Thinking I had only about a 3rd of it remaining, I cut some strips from a navy broadcloth I found in a bin.    Then I went to cut the remaining duvet cover into strips and realized it was folded in half and I had enough for my small rug, without the striping.  I used it anyway but  what a cheerful colour combination!  I'll have to be very careful at the end, to avoid skipped threads and get enough length, but my still blistered fingers are crossed that it will work out. 

This is all simple but fun weaving.   It does take more effort to whack those weft strips into place, which makes it also hot weaving, when the temperatures are as warm as it is these past few days.

Kevin has decided that directly under the fan is the best place to hang out.  The cats have finally decided to start shedding.  I think I've brushed out 2 or 3 extra cats worth of hair and picked it up in clumps around the house.

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