Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Kevin Update

Especially for Christiana -

 I've been thinking that Kevin has been a well behaved boy these days.   Generally, he's got a routine, which he follows to the T.  He's not been naughty, or badly behaved for a while.  In fact, he's almost been boringly good.

But as I've discovered, it was all a sham.   He was just pretending to be a good kitty, and lulling us into some sort of peaceful oblivion, thinking that all was well.  
It's definitely a good thing he looks so cute, sweet, nope, interesting and funny while he sleeps!   Shortly after my heartfelt Christmas Eve post, I had abandoned the baking, finished up the last rug hem and was just putting a gift tag on the final gift.   All of a sudden I heard a resounding crash and a flash of fur dashed by my legs to find some hiding spot.  I ran toward the noise, (in the living room) to see the husband and son standing around a toppled Christmas Tree, surrounded by smashed ornaments.

I grabbed every towel in the house and as they uprighted the tree, I started mopping up about a gallon of water, trying to get as much as it as possible before it soaked into the carpet and gifts.   I was able to get most of the gifts out of the way in time, but a few got wet.  We salvaged everything but one gift bag, which held a couple of books.   So my Christmas Eve was ultimately spent, blow drying books (my own present from the husband), which had gotten a bit wet.  My sweetie had to screw the tree holder directly into the floor, in order to keep the now, bedraggled tree upright.

When we finally were able to sit down and figure out what happened, we realized that earlier that afternoon, when Kevin was sniffing the tree and a few low hanging baubles, he was actually preparing for mayhem.   It was he, who my son saw try to climb the tree a few minutes earlier, despite an admonishment and moving him out of the way, it was Kevin who raced by us all, after felling the tree with his adventures.

 A trip to the big box department store replaced a bunch of broken baubles at half price, but when I took down our now sad, rumpled  tree, I realized that most of the ornaments which had broken, were the old ones, baubles and bits from when my kids were young.   Thankfully, I never got around to putting the really vintage ornaments on the tree this year, or that would have been much more sad.   By the time I was able to get the camera out,  the guys had picked up and vacuumed up a rather large pile of broken bits and pieces.  These were all they had left out for me to document the cat-tastrophe.


Sharon said...

We have a very large tree base so I wasn't worried about our cat pulling the tree over but I knew she'd never be able to resist the ornaments. I only hung glass above halfway and she undecorated the bottom as I anticipated she would. I'll be sad to take it down and put the ornaments away in the next few days - so many memories. I'm sorry for your lost ornaments. I know what they mean.

Woolly Bits said...

oh, that isn't a good start to the festive season:( in a way we're lucky, that our room is so small. we have to use pine branches instead of a real tree and we always tie them to the stair bannisters... not even the dogs could put that one down! but I have to say that this year Pringles has behaved impeccably well! he sniffed the branches, he took a closer look at the baubles - and that was that. nothing came down, not even the lametta! cough, so far at least:) I hope Kevin is going to improve or at least settle down over the years - good luck and all the best for the new year anyway!
Bettina (from ireland, where the sun shines - but the radar already shows fat rain clouds moving closer...)