Friday, 16 December 2016

More Spinning

For some reason I had this great idea, to switch up my spinning and spin up this green ramie.  A couple of problems with that though - 1st, there is half a pound of it, which is a lot of roving to go through.  2nd- it's been bitterly cold out and that means our old cottage is much cooler inside.  I like to spin ramie wet, which means a little pot of water to dip my fingers into every few minutes.  It makes a lovely, smooth, glossy thread, but means in this weather, my fingers get chapped. 3rd - it is not my favourite fibre to spin.

So I've taken it off the wheel.  I'll wind this bit of spun thead onto a bobbin and set it aside for the spring or summer, when wet spinning will be easier on me.

I switched back to spinning cotton.  This is white Pima cotton, so a bit longer staple than the coloured sliver.  I'm surprised that this stuff hasn't spun itself  already, because it really is the easiest cotton I've spun to date.  I am sure that it just glides through my fingers, drafting itself into lovely yarn.   Even with being distracted at times, it just seems to want to spin nicely.

The last pair of Christmas mittens for the kids.   I still want to make or remake a pair for me.  I've tried on every pair of girl sized mittens I've made and they are all too big on me.  I believe that I am pretty much over making mittens for the season though.

As an aside, I've been itching to toss something in a dye pot, but have been holding back.  The new sink was supposed to be installed 2 weekends ago.  The sink cabinet needed some specific modifying because the sink is from Ikea, which meant a bunch of other small adjustments.  Then the weekend weather was icky, so we didn't get the wood for finishing the framing around the kitchen window, which needs to be done before the sink cupboard gets installed.   So, I've been hesitant to dye up the laundry tub, in case all my nice, new wash basins, need to be used for dishes. :(

Our guild offers a beginner weaving class, which is an introduction to not only weaving, but colour manipulation.  We use pre-warped 4 harness looms to make tea-towels.   This is our last class' pretty towels.   The next class is at the end of January.  This spring we'll be doing a follow up class, which will include winding a warp, and dressing a loom.   This class seems to attract fun and interesting people, who all make cool towels. 

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Woolly Bits said...

oh, Pima cotton is lovely to spin! I've had a few punis as samples in a mixed bag once, but couldn't find any supplier for more over here:( I do love spinning ramie though - I've never spun it wet, because it already spins up so smooth and shiny? still have a load of it though, but I spun about a pound for a weaver friend a while back. she saw me spinning it and asked for it as a warp - worked nicely apparently! one of the lovely fibres that doesn't cost an arm and a leg:)
I hope you'll have your sink back in time for christmas - I'd wait for warmer temps for dyeing as well! the weather is so yucky here just now that I'd have to let those skeins drip off inside... might lead to interesting patterns on the tiles in the conservatory:)
happy christmas to you and your family!
Bettina (from ireland, where we're expecting several storms in a row - right in time for the festivities:( nothing like doing your christmas dinner - without electricity:)