Thursday, 30 December 2010

December Colour Wrap up

It's been a white month here.  I missed November's photos and I'm sorely wishing I had that sort of weather and photos to post now.  We've hardly had any blue sky or sunshine.  There has been lots of snow, dreary grey skies and today, it's drizzling, so not only is it wet, but foggy!  blech..

 Taken during a snow fall, just at first light.  Poor chooks had to wait a few minutes for their water as I ran back inside for the camera.  The heavy, wet and dense snow, with the early morning light made the entire landscape look like a black and white photo!

The same snowfall, although the woodpile added a bit of colour, the only colour I could see.

 The short winter hike... looking for colour and playing with RAW.  I'd love to know exactly what I am doing when I'm playing with moving contrast, colour and other lines to adjust the colours and depth.  It's very much like playing in a darkroom with exposures.  I brought up the contrast and some of the warmer colours in a bid to soften this photo and add whatever colour I could, while still letting it look natural.

 Another winter hike photo, along the river.  There were ducks.  They were swimming faster than I was walking, so catching them on film was tricky.  Please note, there are no ducks in this photo!

All the photos are dark and gloomy.  Our sun is rather low in the sky.  Our days are short and it's still dark at 7 am.   Making the photos brighter looked to unrealistic, so I left them like it was.   Now, if the sun were shining, all that white would reflect the light.  It would be gloriously bright and almost blinding! 


Helen said...

It is still dark at 8 here!
I love the photos we had really heavy snow a few weeks ago and lots of sunshine/ I am still kicking myself that I did not take more photos Only one of the dye garden which is on my blog.

Sharon said...

While I tire of winter, I'm glad to enjoy it. I grew up in San Diego and distinctly remember as a nine-year-old thinking, when I'm a grown up, I'm going to live where it's winter. And I do.