Friday, 31 December 2010

Weaving out the old year..

It took 2 days to thread the heddles, sley the reed and tension it up evenly.  Really, I did most of it in a day but the second day I had only a couple of inches left to thread and the reed to sley, which went quite well.   It's threaded at a sett of 20 epi, using 2/8 cotton in natural and blue.  The draft is easy peasy to thread and the only real requirements are 2 shuttles and being able to count to 8, since it is a 16 thread repeat pattern with a switch in order after 8 threads.  There is a good online draft of the log cabin colour threading here, at All Fiber Arts .   I'm doing a tabby, so all the pattern is simply in the order of throwing the shuttles!  How perfect is that for stress free weaving after muddling through homework?

The grey and white colourwork socks have been frogged 4  times and reknit.  First I had cast on too few stitches, then the border was wrong, so I redrew the pattern.  I got it wrong again and redid it a second time.  Finally I changed the colourwork border to stripes and it flew along until I made a mistake in the pattern and realized that I need a way to keep track of the rows that I'm on more easily.  I'm now trying to decide whether to forge through this project, or set it aside for another time as I've lots of spiffy new sock patterns to try out.

Gratuitious cat and dog picture!  The dog loves to sneak up on the couch to sleep and the cat loves to sleep there when we leave a blanket out, though normally he only sleeps on the wool blanket!   Today the cat was in the dog's preferred spot and the dog was trying to sneak on the couch as well.  Oddly enough all this happened when I was in the room and watching!  Brave puppy!  It's an interesting way to end the year.

Tonight, I will be celebrating by snuggling down with seed catalogues to start narrowing down decisions for the spring garden.  I may even toast the New year with a small sip of Ice wine, although I don't normally drink.   May the New Year bring much joy and sunshine to all.


Woolly Bits said...

what you describe as easy weaving - would be a major job for me:)) looks good though... I think the pic of the cat/dog is funny - the cat lies there like a queen, of course, the whole sofa belongs to her! while the dog looks at you as if it's saying: come on, I don't have to go down again, pleeeease:)
have a good start into the new year, all of you!

Sharon said...

Your cat is gorgeous! Our poor little skinny feline struggles to hold his own against three dogs. Your picture gives me a clue. Dogs are banned from the couches - the cat is not.

I was happy to see your shuttles. It seems everyone is using end-feed shuttles, but I cannot afford them or the support systems. Thanks!!!