Sunday, 12 December 2010

Tis the Season, I guess

A few weeks ago, my sweetie took me to a little conservation area for a hike and a photo shoot.  The picture taking part at least, we try to do on a regular basis.  The hike was an incredibly nice bonus.   We'd never been to that particular spot before and were amazed at how busy it was, despite the fact it was off season.   It was beautiful, with a reasonably well groomed trail but not so much so that it was like city walking.  We tried one local trail a while back but found it to be paved bike trails, which I just hated walking on.

 This is what the trail looked like at the beginning.  The greens were pretty vibrant for late November.

 One of the treed areas, probably white pine.  For many years all reforestation was done with white pine, even though we are on the edge of Carolinian forest.  There should be many more deciduous trees here!
  Still you can't knock how pretty the light is streaming through the trees.

 The sky was blue.   I like blue skies.  In the winter, we seem to get few of them.

 This is the remains of a glade filled with Golden Rod.  I need to go back later next summer because the colours would be spectacular.

My back yard today.  This is a colour photo, there just isn't any colour!

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