Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A few small projects

 The frock coat is finally done.  There are a few issues with it, due to my just learning some of the basics of tailoring.  There will be a next one though and it will be even better.  The yellow bit underneath is a quickie vest I whipped up.  It will be remade one day as well.  This outfit will be useful when we visit certain friends.

As I'll be baking at the bake oven for a few days in December and the oven is outside, I thought I should make myself a nice warm hood to wear.   It is two layers of wool fabric, quilted with bamboo batting between them.  If I had thought about it properly, I would have carded up some wool and used it as the batting.  However the hood was a mock up experiment which worked quite well and I didn't think about the wool batting until the hood was completely finished.  I will say that leaving it on the styrofoam head where it got just a bit of light at night, was pretty eerie looking.  I had to move it and put the head back away.

The socks are done.  The pattern is much more clear when not having a flash reflect off the socks.  They fit nicely but they still need to be blocked.   I was thinking about making another pair of socks for December as it's always nice to have a small, portable project.  However, that quilt is calling to me.  It really needs my attention first.


Leigh said...

"When we visit certain friends," love it, LOLOL. You can only imagine the kind of friends that went through my mind. Love the hood BTW. In cold weather I very much appreciate keeping something on my head!

Woolly Bits said...

that coat looks good! I haven't had the sewing machine out for a long time, at least for clothing. not sure if I could still pull off the pockets, collar etc.. the hood looks good, too - it's just not for me, as the "nothing on my head" person:) esp. not in front of a hot oven!