Monday, 5 November 2012

Spinning days off..

A few days ago, I was forced to take a few days off from spinning.   Not wanting to sit around doing nothing,  I managed to finish up the socks I'd been knitting.  They still need to be blocked, but they're done!  I did a grafted toe on these.  Lately I've been doing a cinched toe on my socks, as described in an article in Knitty.  While I really like the toe closure in the article as it actually fits my feet nicely, I feel that once in a while I should at least pay lip service to grafting practice.  These socks closed up really nicely with grafting.   Yes, they are a little long.  Sometimes I make the cuffs/leg an extra inch longer just to make a more effective winter sock.

Still needing something to do, I checked out Ravelry's Sock Knitters Anonymous group to see what their monthly challenges were.  This month is textured socks and there is a Mock, or Mystery Sock project.  This is a pattern which usually comes in 4 parts over the whole month.  I downloaded part 1 and started in.  This is clue one.  I've started the second sock as well, so hopefully in a couple of days, when clue 2 comes out, I'll have both socks ready to start on the next set of instructions.  I'm knitting from both ends of the yarn cake, so that is proving to be an interesting effort.  It didn't help today when I found my working yarn in broken, still wet with kitten drool, I'm guessing.

I did start a new coat for my husband.   I found  a length of black misc. fabric in a bin.  I've the muslin made and should have it fitted later this evening.  Then I can start cutting and sewing in earnest.   As well, tomorrow, I should be able to spin again... yay! 

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