Saturday, 10 November 2012

All in a Kitten's Day

I made a mock up of  the coat for my husband and it was way too big, although I'd used the smallest size.  I'm using a commercial pattern and I have 2 different brands which have a similar pattern.  I decided to trace off the second pattern as they have several smaller sizes.  Not wanting to cut the pattern before I knew what size would fit, I traced it off onto tissue paper.   Before I could cut the pattern and fabric, I had some chores to do.  From the kitchen, I could hear some rustling.  My son had made the kitten a paper ball, which he has been enjoying chasing about the house.  It makes just that type of rustling sound.  However, when I checked up on things, I found that the kitten was not chasing his ball but rather my pattern!  It is so shredded and crumpled that I'll have to trace out a new one. 

Please note the multiple ends - all kitten chewed up!
I was finally able to spin again.  I blended up some Polwarth and some Alpaca to make some mitten yarn.   I spun and spun and spun.  I plied it up and it was a lovely, soft, yummy 2 ply yarn.  I wet finished it and let it dry.  That was a couple of days ago.  Today I went to skein it up and what did I find?  Broken ends..... Lots of broken ends.  I'm guessing they were kitten chewed.  The longest piece of yarn left is almost 8 yards long.  Everything else is shorter.  Much of the skein is in piece which are a yard or less long.  No mittens will be made from this yarn!  

To chase away any horrible feelings from the chewed yarn and shredded patterns, here is a photo of a pretty sunset which we had the other night.  Actually was the first sunset we'd had in ages, due to rain and grey, dull weather.


Woolly Bits said...

hm, one of the reasons kittens are "made" so cute - is to make forgiveness easier in these cases, I think:) otherwise the breed might be extinct by now! though I'd rather have a kitten snip my yarn than moth - I had similar looks on a cone of lovely fine alpaca (not handspun though), where moth ate away on the bottom, to leave me with endless amounts of unusable snippets:( unfortunately I can't see any (I think it didn't happen here) - so there's nobody left to murder:)
lovely sunset btw - inspiration for a bout of dyeing maybe?

Leigh said...

Kittens! LOL. They certainly do things like that. Moths too, like Bettina said.

Heidi said...

Oh that is so sad about the yarn...I'm right there with you. My cat (just over a year old) has taken to chewing the drive band on my wheel and the new dog has decided to go to town on the bit of leather that joins the footman to the treadle. Needless to say, I'm not doing much spinning just now. Supposedly this eventually gets better.