Sunday, 9 June 2013

Colours of Early June

The poppies are almost done.   They have such a short blooming period, like their fiery red colour, incredibly beautful, they are a flash in the pan.  Tomorrow, they will all be gone, until next year.

 The Blue Flag Iris in the pond are blooming.  They are all coming on at once, perhaps due to the cool, grey weather we've been having?   The yellow day lilies which should be next have decided to bloom at the same time this year :(  Pretty, but it means that for the rest of the summer there will not be much colour by the pond as all there are left to bloom are the ditch lilies.

This lilac flowers quite late, after all the others are gone.  Until it's in full bloom, the scent is a bit "off" and only noticeable when you are right by the bush,  but once it blooms, it is so sweetly fragrant that the whole yard is scented when the sun shines.

I don't know what this is.  It has smallish flowers which look almost thistle type flower, but without the seed puffs and it doesn't seem to have thorns or prickles.  It is hardy and is happily blooming this year.  The Bachelor's Buttons didn't make it through the winter and I can't find any signs of the Coreopsis that I had nurtured through 3 seasons, so I'm a bit torn.  Happy that this pretty pink flower is blooming and sad because the others will need to be replaced.

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