Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Rainbow striped socks are finally done!  By some odd accident, the stripes, while starting at slightly different colours at the cuffs, match up by the second repeat and stay matched up until the toes!   They sure are bright and cheerful.   I'm quite tempted to put another pair of socks on the needles, but I think I may wait another week or so.  That way, I'll have them for a travelling project.
The second incarnation of the messenger bag is done.  It's made of a simple khaki cotton twill, with a heavy cotton twill lining that I found stuffed in a box.  The twill was almost a skirt length, but not quite, so I figured I'd not planned anything else for it. I put a front and back pocket in the lining but forgot the two side pockets this time.  Since it's a single piece out and inner, with box pleats, forgetting those two side pockets was pretty easy to do, since they'd be patch pockets, sewn on after the lining was completed.   It is a good deal smaller than the first, about 2 inches smaller in all dimensions.  It makes it a much more comfortable bag to wear.  I think I'll add a closure of some kind to the bag, just to secure the flap.  Next time I'd round the corners of the front flap and at piping to the seams to add some interest.  Still, this one is quite good enough to be my go to bag this summer.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Great socks!

Julie said...

Cute socks I love that they are so bright and happy! And what a fun bag!