Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June Stitching

 I've been knitting on those darned socks as it really does seem that if you don't actually do the knitting, they just sit there doing nothing on the needles.   An update on those another day as I moved one almost finished sock to a stitch holder as I was heading out for the weekend.  I didn't want to have to worry about counting for the toe or grafting while I was going to be distracted with lots of friends about.  Now I have one sock needing the toe knit and another on the heel flap.   It feels like I've not accomplished anything yet.

In between trying to get the rest of the garden planted, I've been sewing.   I stitched up a project bag but it's a bit larger than I'd wanted.  It's a good recommendation for measuring out a project before you cut it.  Making the bag is pretty easy and doesn't really need a pattern, but measuring first would have meant a bag I really wanted to use.

Here is the second recommendation for measuring first.   I planned to make a messenger style bag.  I drew out my pattern on graph paper and proceeded to cut it out and sew it together.  Last minute I decided I wanted to play around with applique.  As I started to stitch it down, I realized that it's been a long while since I've done this.  It took a few minutes for all the info and experience to be retrieved and sorted out before I was happy with all my stitching.  Next time I would use a different flower so as to not have that rather headlight effect.   In my mind I saw it will lots of beads and embroidery stitches making the stamens, however in reality, those beads and threads are still in their respective storage containers.      The bag is much bigger than I'd envisioned although the measurements are what I sketched. I  just didn't put a ruler on to paper to plan it that way.   Next time too, I'll do the construction a bit differently as this one had way too many pieces and I chose the most complicated assembly plan ever!  It was meant to be a useable mock up.   Now it's still useable, but I'll redesign the pattern before I make another one.     It's got tons of pockets inside, including ones suitable for pens and double point sock needles!

As to the garden, there are still a couple of things left to plant but it's mainly in.. finally!
First waterlily of the season!  It's so pretty....

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Leigh said...

That is the interesting thing about graph paper. It implies a size that, in reality, is a surprise! I've noticed that with my remodeling projects.

I love the first line of this post! So wishing those socks on the needles would finish themselves. :)