Friday, 21 June 2013

Day before I leave!

 I'm almost packed for my trip to Fibre Week which will be held at Olds College in Alberta.  I've done a bunch of weeding, lots of laundry, checking and labeling  yarn samples and digging out equipment that I'll need.   If I didn't need to bring a whole mess of spinning tools, I could have packed all my clothes into a carry on and have been done with it.  However, over half of the suitcase is filled with tools and equipment, so I'm ending up having to take a carry on bag as well, for those things I don't want to risk losing or having to wait on should my baggage get delayed.  So much for traveling light!

Early this spring, the grocery store had potted tomato plants for less than $6.  On a whim, I bought one.  I'm amazed at how many tomatoes are on it already.  While the garden tomatoes should start to produce later this summer, this plant should have ripening fruit before too long.
 Spiderwort: a funny name for a pretty flower.   There is a patch of these in blue as well, though they weren't quite ready to bloom yet.

The Wiegla is quite old and while it's bloomed fairly nicely, it was getting not only huge but straggly as well.   Last summer I took the pruners too it and lopped off all sorts of branches, thinning it out and trying to tame it somewhat.   This spring it is covered in pink blossoms.   There are more flowers than ever!

A week of spinning has the merino/silk blend now filling up half a bobbin.  It's going to be a long haul to finish this up.  I did take a picture, but it looks pretty much the same as this, only more of it.
The plane leaves stupid early tomorrow morning.   The last time I flew was 1984, and people tell me things have changed, thus I have packed breakfast.  I've also got a couple of  novels and a pair of plane socks to knit.  I contemplated a fancy pattern, but decided I didn't want to have to drag around a paper pattern.   I also switched up the dpn's for two circular needles.  I had this awful dream about dropping a dpn and it rolling under someone else's seat.   There is no way the circs will do that and I will sleep better tonight.     This is a lousy colour rendition, but it's the yarn I dyed at our last guild dye day.  It looks much more accurate in this photo.  The stripes would likely obscure a pattern anyway, so I will do a plain jane, ribbed sock.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip, I want to know how it went when you return


Lauren Arkell said...

Hi Nina,

Hope you are missing all the flood action in Alberta - and enjoying lots of fibre action!


Leigh said...

Wow, tomatoes! And I love that your Wiegla is the same red as in your ball of yarn. I know you're enjoying yourself even now.