Friday, 2 December 2011

Crossed off the To Do List!

Yesterday was my son's birthday.  Instead of a cake, he asked for an apple pie.  It was yummy.  He also wanted chicken pot pie for dinner so it was a pie sort of day.

I've been itching to put another pair of socks on the needles.  However, I decided my foray into multiple sock projects hadn't been horribly successful.  While I finally finished up the socks I started  while on holidays, I still had the colourwork socks on the needles.   So I dug out that project bag and started knitting.   Being sidelined with a horrible cold helped enormously.   I was at the round and round part of knitting the foot and couldn't believe how much I accomplished while not realizing it.  Yesterday the last toe had been grafted and they are now crossed off the to do list.

The double Irish Chain quilt is done!   It would have been finished yesterday but my last filled bobbin was empty.  I know, I could have filled the bobbin and finished the binding then.  I was tired and decided it would be better to wait a day than risk making a mistake.   In the end, it took less than half an hour this afternoon to finish it off.  I should give it a quick rinse to get the basting spray and chalk lines removed.   It will need a good once or twice over with the cat hair removing brush as well!  Then it can be wrapped up and ready to become a gift! 

Next on the list is a quilt top I made several years ago and set aside for my daughter.  I gave it to her when she got married but still haven't gotten it quilted.   Hopefully, I'll get this one done before Christmas as well.  Of course I had the backing all ready to go years ago, and do you think I could find it?  Nope!  I've several different bins marked fabric.  I'm betting it's in the one one the bottom which I couldn't get to.  Today I purchased new backing fabric and will wash it up this weekend.   It's prettier that the old backing, which was simply plain black broadcloth.  This one is purple clouds and stars.  I love this pattern and wish I could remember how I made those wonky Log Cabin squares!


Leigh said...

Your daughter's quilt is smashing! Beautifully creative use of color and good old log cabin. I really like the socks too, and have to say that your son's birthday dinner sounds pretty perfect to me. :)

Woolly Bits said...

I love the wonky stars! and know all about vaninishing bits and pieces, which I usually only find once I stop looking for them...
and I hope your cold is better now?

Cate said...

The pattern for your daughter's quilt looks like 'Twisted Log Cabin' by Pix Martin. I found a picture at the bottom of this page:

The birthday dinner sounds wonderful, and I hope you are recovered from your cold.

Nina said...

Leigh- thanks, I am rather happy with how the colours worked out.

Bettina - well, I think I must be getting awfully good at misplacing items these days as I've hidden my new mittens as well.

Cate - That's it! I even found the pattern packet yesterday. Who knew that filing cabinets were good places to store patterns? Pix Martin is the sister of the gal who ran the local sewing studio. They offered a class in this, so I took it just because it was only a little more $ than the included pattern. My colour choices certainly created a bit of a stir and concern amongst the ladies attending.