Thursday, 15 December 2011

New mitts and the before Xmas to do list

So the white Clun Forest mittens have disappeared.  I've gone and lost them before I'd even had a chance to wear them!  I'd only gotten to try them on for fitting.   I'm pretty ticked at this.  I may have put them in a safe place or I may have taken them with me and left them behind.  I figure that winter really will set in sometime and I'll really, really need mitts, so I started a new pair.  I had two skeins left from Jessie's fleece and since the fingerless mitts I'd made with this yarn turned out quite nicely, I decided to use the rest for my own mitts.   As I was winding the skeins into yarn cakes, I realized that they were two different grists.  I used the skein of slightly fatter yarn for the mitts, hoping there would be enough.  There was a little less than I thought there would be.  So, next job is to card up some more of Jessie's fleece and spin the rest of the mitten yarn.

I did a bit more sewing - two knitting project bags.  I've found these to be incredibly useful.  You take all the bits and pieces for whatever project you're working on and stuff them in the pretty sack.  I try to put in all the tools I'd need, like tape measure, pattern, darning needle and thread snips.   Then when I put the project down for a bit and pick it up weeks later, everything is in one place and finishing up goes so smoothly.

Left on the to do list - a tote bag, a shirt, two embroidered labels, one loom to dress, one project to weave off at the guild, and a partridge in a pear tree.. okay maybe not the last one :).  All in all, it should be close to achievable - the shirt is a last minute addition and I'm crossing my fingers on that one.


Leigh said...

How maddening about the mittens! That sounds exactly like something I would do. I truly hope they turn up soon. Love the little project bags. Those are the kinds of things that are always useful.

Sharon said...

I've done that same thing - had to go back and make more yarn to finish my project. At least you don't have to worry about dye lots :)

As for TV, we bought an antenna from Best Buy that collects signal from something like 30-50 miles of the closest tower. It works quite well for us. We don't watch that much TV anyway - who has time?!