Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Two more projects.........

I thought for certain, that the moment I finished up the new mittens, that the old one's would surface.  That didn't happen, so I guess that my first pair of new mittens this year, really did get lost and not just misplaced.  I thought that I had better hurry up and finish the new, new mitts.  This mild weather isn't going to last forever and one day we're going to wake up and it really will be winter: cold, snowy and icy.  They are  softer than the Clun Forest mittens but the Clun Forest was a whiter, white - if that makes sense and a much stronger wool.  It was also spun woolen for warmth, whereas the Shetland was spun semi-worsted from necessity.

A group of gals from the Oxford Spinners and Weavers got together to do an 8 shaft,  block twill scarf project from silk.  I wove mine off in the fall.  Last week, a call went out for someone to weave off the last scarf before Christmas as the last person on the list was unable to do so.  After a few days, I put my hand up since I too, wanted my scarf for a present.  I used a different shade of green for the weft of each scarf. It's a fairly simple pattern to weave and it really was only a 2 hour weave per scarf.   It was really interesting to see the differences in weaving techniques and weft colour choices, when we cut all the scarves off.  There were 3 black wefts, a blue, a yellow and a red weft, besides my 2 greens.   I still had to hemstitch, after the fact, since I had forgotten to bring a needle with me, both times I went to weave.  Nasty, slippery stuff to hemstitch afterweaving!   Plus all that fringe needed twisting.  I'd moved where I keep the fringe twister and did panic for a moment when I couldn't find it.  I did find it, in a bin labeled FibreTools.. go figure that one!  I've most of them twisted and it makes a very fine scarf, indeed.  I lust after 8 shafts even more now, after playing with one!

 The shirt has been taken off the to do list..  It might have gotten started if the fabric I was going to use, was as I remembered it.  It wasn't!  It was totally different and not appropriate.  Rather than panic or rush, I knocked it back until after the holidays.  No use stressing over it.

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice!  Thank goodness!!!!!!  These short, dark, dreary days are getting tiresome.   I look forward to the increasingly long days.

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Woolly Bits said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the mittens did turn up eventually:)) the scarf looks lovely, I like the "sad" green colour. and I agree about the short days - it's all upwards now towards more light:)) it felt like this two days ago, but unfortunately it was only due to having a clear evening. now we're back to grey and dreary, but it makes for nice cozy evenings in front of the warm oven... happy christmas to you and your family!