Saturday, 10 December 2011

Friday Night Sew In Success

I'll have to admit that I did a bit of sewing during the day as well, but in all I marked the quilt borders, quilted the borders, cut and made the binding, and bound the quilt yesterday, finishing up just before 10 pm.  Included in that was a repair to the treadle belt as it had stretched.   The belt is leather and a new one will stretch a bit after using.  In this case it started slipping miserably and I managed to sew my finger while wrangling the quilt through the sewing machine.  Thankfully it was minor as the treadler responds very quickly in situations like that!

The two major projects I'd wanted to get done before Christmas, are both done.  While I was somewhat singularly focused on the quilting over the past couple of weeks, it is such a huge relief that they are finished. And no, I'm not making quilts for the other two kids this year.  I'll plan that a little more carefully and give myself more than a few weeks to accomplish that task!

Only 3 more projects to sew for pressies... I guess the countdown begins


Woolly Bits said...

how I know that feeling - looking to the calender and literally see the few days left! but you did a great job on the quilts - my gifts are much smaller, not enough time for all large ones at this time of year:))

good luck with the rest of them!


Leigh said...

Ouch for your finger! Congrats on getting at least some of your Christmas projects done. I'm sure you'll get the others done on time. I just have to get mine in the mail!