Friday, 30 December 2011

Last few projects of December

I will admit that the last few days have not been as productive as I'd like.  Not necessarily because I wasn't doing anything but because of stupid mistakes.  I've been knitting or rather, trying to knit myself a hat.  I had a design in mind, using cables.   I swatched, started knitting and it was huge.  I ripped it back, reknit and it was too small.  I worked out my pattern for repeats, adjusted the size upward and it was still too small.  For some reason, when I redid the pattern, I cast on a size or 3 smaller than I wanted again.  I even used fewer stitches than the previous too small hat!    Brain stall on that one, for sure.

Winter has finally arrived.  The weather got cold and it snowed.   My chooks have been out in the snow before but would avoid it if at all possible.  I thought they might stay inside when we finally had enough snow to cover the ground.   Nope, they are stoic creatures.  While obviously not fond of it, they will wade through it.  A few of the girls are quite adventurous and I've seen them all over the yard.  The rest stick to the back, where there is some shelter and they can wait on deck for me in the afternoon.  When I go out to feed them each afternoon, they are flocked right by the backdoor, waiting for their scratch grain treat and any other goodies I might have for them.   It does lead to a few chicken "bombs", being left, littering the deck.  One does have to be careful where one steps.

My son painted me a picture, using one of my photos as inspiration.   Okay, not exactly that photo, but one from the same vantage point, same time, same snowstorm etc..  just one which is on another computer at the moment and I've not transferred them yet.  It was a very moving gift, for sure.

I've started dressing the loom.  I ended up rejigging the pattern for this project.  It was a bit of a last minute, rushed changed, so we'll see if I got it right, when I finally finish threading heddles and do some test weaving.  I am dressing the loom front to back, because my arm reach is a bit too short to comfortable do it back to front on this loom.  The Minstrel spinning wheel has been back in action, spinning some lovely South African top.   It's supposed to be mainly merino, but blended with other wools.   It's amazingly soft and easy to work with.   It will become something lovely and warm!


Sharon said...

I'm so jealous of your winter pictures. It was 55 degrees when we drove in home today. Wrong!

Leigh said...

I love your son's painting! Beautiful. And I love the photos of the chickens in the snow, LOL. The white handspun on the bobbin really rounds out a nice white themed group of photos.