June 27, 2007

warp weighted loom

My new toy is a warp weighted loom. I've currently got a project on it that is of wool yarn that I picked up at a thrift store. Not enough of one colour, the project is checked and after weaving about 4 or 5 feet of it, I'd highly advise using a solid colour or a warp of one colour/weft of another for a first project. The warp weighted loom is slower than a treadled horizontal loom to begin with, however having to switch threads every 6 picks is even slower. It is fairly pretty though. The cat likes the dangling warp threads. So far he's been acceptably careful. Considering he sits upon every sewing project I start, every piece of fabric I buy, weave or own and rolls around in a most undignified way on all the fleece that I own until it is spun and dyed, I do appreciate this.