February 10, 2024

Springlike weather : blip or early spring?


I just took these springtime socks off the CSM.  I haven't had time to kitchener up the toes yet.  I saw this skein of yarn on sale for under $10.  They colours reminded me of spring, new growth and the end of winter so of course the yarn, especially being on sale, had to come home with me.

They worked up so quickly and easily that I am thrilled with that sock yarn.   It was nice because I made a pair of socks with some cotton/wool blend yarn that I received in a yarn swap some years ago and they are a bit harsh.  Maybe they'll be nicer after washing them a few times.

I'm way behind on getting the warp on the loom for my friend's apron.   It's been kind of crazy here.  First we had snowy and blizzard like weather so getting into town to get the sizing I needed didn't happen.  Finally I got it, then had to find the time to size the yarn.  It's been awhile and I realized that I didn't have a place to hand the skeins.  Not only had I always dried them outside in the past, but I'd put a light weight on them to keep the skeins in order.   Instead, I had to dry them inside, with no place to hang them - we don't have a bathtub with a shower rod - plus they weren't weighted at all,so they dried all krinkly and it took several days. I had to bring the skeins out and set them in front of the wood stove to dry in the end.   Then it took  days to actually wind the skeins into useable balls because of the kinky bits of yarn getting stuck to and caught under other bits.   It was a slow process.  Now Kevin seems to want to use the wound balls as a napping place.   Because Kevin doesn't like me disturbing him, and I don't want him to pee on my shoe or something like that, I've left him to his peace and quiet.  

The prognosticating rodents (groundhogs) in the area all predicted an early spring, but this has been a bit ridiculous and unexpected.  The weather has been so unseasonably warm the past week.  Some people have even started their syrup/ sap collecting.   We discussed it, but decided to wait.   The last time we put our spiles in early, we had a great start, but once the daytime temperatures drop to below freezing the tree starts to heal.  So instead of having to re-drill holes, we're waiting and hoping that we get some colder weather to stop the sap running for now.  Then we can tap our trees later in the season.

It was warm enough to hand out a laundry, albeit a small load.   That blanket is beloved by Dion kitty.  He wasn't impressed that it was shiny clean and smelled all fresh and outdoorsy.  He gave it a long stare and then had to be enticed on to it before he settled down for his nap.

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